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Komrad Hasher Calculate sha1, sha256, sha512, md4 and md5 hash of specified file. Download GPL3 Win32 4-14-2009 v1.02
sha1: 8CE91165B9395BD93C4C7EB40BB2A85968B01AEF
Irrlicht 1.5 for C++ Builder 2009 Irrlicht library compiled for C++ Builder 2009, with png, OpenGL and DirectX9 support. Download Irrlicht License Win32 4-14-2009 v0.2
sha1: DAFC3032F67D305C4382FA6AB27F50F69EC7DFE9
Nerdscreenshooter for lazy people A simple screenshooter for windows. It needs Python 2.6-2.7, and Python Imaging Library 1.1.7 Download
Download "All in One"
GPL3 Win32 10-15-2009 v1.0
sha1: 01D695A587F10C870CD4155280D426FCACD9BDA4
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